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Van Nuys Municipal Airport Hangar Construction, Air Sources, Inc. – Van Nuys, California
Hoff served as Project Manager for the construction of 13 private hangars and office buildings at the Van Nuys Municipal Airport. The project included redirection of taxiways and parking areas, grading, sewer and storm drain design, and County and Airport permitting.  This project worked with overlapping jurisdictional agencies and each of their unique standards. This includes the County of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles, Department of Water and Power, FAA and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). The project includes connecting to a City of Los Angeles sewer, Department of Water and Power water system, County of Los Angeles creek for stormwater, construction on LAWA property and within FAA regulated areas.

Burbank Airport Hangar Construction, AvJet Corporation – Burbank, California
As Project Manager, Hoff provided grading, sewer, and storm drain design for a luxury hangar for AvJet, a charter aircraft service company.  The project included ramp improvements from the hangar to the existing adjacent taxiway.  This project was planned on a leasehold at the Bob Hope Burbank Airport.  The site formerly included a hangar facility but it had been demolished.  The hangar will be the home for four planes, including a 737.  The clientele expect a very high quality facility.

As with many airport projects, the utility connections are a challenge.  The existing storm drain, water, and sewer connections involved multiple agencies to determine the best connection layout.  Because of the multi-agency coordination and the lack of sufficient as-builts, the utility connections were critical.  This often meant that creative solutions had to be developed during construction when the existing utilities were found to not be in the locations that had been shown.

The most unique aspect of this project was the LEED certification.  The owner wanted to attempt every LEED credit that the project could strive to achieve. The project team had multiple in-person meetings and conference calls to review the potential credits.  In each case, the consultant would also determine a rough cost of doing that credit so that the owner could determine if it was possible.  For Huitt-Zollars, the two credits we were to focus on were quality and quantity control for stormwater.  We initially developed a plan for quantity control; however that was not able to be implemented as there was a contaminated plume in the groundwater under the airport so any infiltration system would adversely affect that situation.  For the quality control, we were able to develop a system that increased the total treatment to earn the credit point and actually saved the client money from the original design the city had approved.  In November 2008, this project became the first airport hangar in the U.S. to earn a LEED Platinum certification.

John Wayne Airport Museum Hangar, Martin Aviation – Orange County, California
For this hangar project, Hoff served as Project Manager, providing grading, sewer, and storm drain design. The project involved construction of a museum hangar to house vintage and antique aircraft.  The hangar was constructed adjacent to an existing hangar and required ramp improvements to the new hangar door.  The existing site did not include storm drain facilities and the current drainage flowed onto a neighboring property.  Grading and storm drain designs had to be implemented to change the drainage pattern, treat the water to current standards, and provide a design that complied with airport and county regulations.

Million Air FBO and Hangar Facility, San Bernardino International Airport – San Bernardino, CA
Hoff is serving as Project Manager on this project that has recently begun construction.  The project is being constructed on a vacant concrete ramp area of the San Bernardino Airport that was previously an Air Force facility.  A hangar, FBO and a Customs building are being constructed.  There is also an office facility being added to the existing neighboring hangar.  As the existing concrete ramp surface was over one foot thick, there was a substantial cost savings by retaining as much of that surface as possible.  Value Engineering of the site plan provided a large cost savings for the owner.  The plans required coordination between the airport authority and the city, as well as two ownership groups, to determine the best utility layouts.


Homewood Suites Hotel – Oxnard, California
As Project Manager, Hoff supervised the design and preparation of tentative maps, construction documents, hydrology analyses, and permit approvals for this four-story hotel.

Channel Islands Center – Oxnard, California
Hoff served as Project Manager for the development of a mixed-use project that will include three high-rise buildings, one that is proposed to be 550 feet tall. He is responsible for overseeing the preparation and design of tentative maps, construction documents, hydrology analyses, and permit approvals.

Vintage Paseo, USA Properties – Simi Valley, California
Hoff served as Project Manager for this $15 million senior affordable-apartment project, which was developed as part of a larger project. He prepared preliminary plans for City Council approval, as well as sewer, water, storm drain, and grading plans for construction. The project was delivered on time, which was essential due to receipt of government funding.

Simi Valley 48, The Olson Company – Simi Valley, California
As Project Manager for this $15 million project, Hoff prepared due diligence reports, preliminary exhibits for City approval, and final construction documents for a 48-unit condominium development. Previously four large residential properties, the new site included offsite utility work and FEMA LOMR processes. The project was completed on schedule.

HM Crossing – Monrovia, California
This project for MHI Real Estate involves design and construction of a three-story office building and parking garage. Hoff, as Project Manager, is overseeing the conceptual grading and site improvement plans. The project involves the local redevelopment agency and combining multiple lots and demolition of existing buildings to enable the new project.

Koll Center III – Irvine, California
Hoff served as Project Manager for construction of this commercial center site with office buildings. The project included full site improvement services. Coordination with County and City agencies was an important aspect of the project.

Industrial Buildings, Birtcher Corporation – Riverside, California
This project encompasses construction of five large warehouse-type buildings in an industrial area. Hoff is providing grading and site improvement services as Project Manager.

Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital – Thousand Oaks, California
Mr. Hoff was the project manager for the Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA.   This project had a medical office component and an elective surgery hospital.   A challenging aspect of project was that the office component was under the review of City of Thousand Oaks and the hospital portion was reviewed by OSHPD.

Industry Gateway – Valencia, California
Mr. Hoff is the project manager on this two building industrial and commercial project.  Mr. Hoff prepared the planning approval documents and is currently preparing the full civil construction documents for the County of Los Angeles. Industry Gateway, contains more than 30 feet of grading difference over less than 4 AC, as well as, a warehouse/office building with a loading dock and a bank building.  This project also required Mr. Hoff to do a lot line adjustment and to author a new legal description.


RiverPark Master Planned Community – Oxnard, California
Hoff served as a Project Manager for this 700-acre mixed-use development located in Oxnard, California. The master plan project comprised 2,800 residential units and more than 2.4 million square feet of office/commercial space. Designed as a compact, cohesive, complete mixed-use community, the project included five residential neighborhoods, office and retail centers, hotel/convention center, elementary and secondary schools, and playfields and parks. Hoff provided engineering and construction support services for the infrastructure and grading of the community and amenities that are strategically linked by a project-wide system of open space, pedestrian, and vehicular circulation elements. His main responsibility was overseeing completion of precise grading plans for the first three tracts of the residential portion of the project. He was also responsible for several other subsidiary plans, including the welcome and sales centers, and site approvals from the City.

Dos Vientos, Miller Brothers Investments, LLC – Newbury Park, California
Hoff served as Project Manager for this development of 2,346 homes, multiple parks, school, and commercial center. He prepared closeout documents for several tracts, full construction documents for two tracts, and extensive plan amendments to change the densities and development conditions for multiple parcels. He restored the schedule to the previously behind-schedule project.

Oxnard 15, The Olson Company – Oxnard, California
As Project Manager, Hoff prepared due diligence and preliminary exhibits for approval of 15 affordable condominiums on a 0.5-acre infill site. Multiple site plans were developed for a difficult, tight site within the allotted schedule.


Urban Water Management Plan – South Gate, California
Hoff prepared the UWMP for the City of South Gate for 2010.   The document included a full description of the City’s water system, their demands, supplies, reliability, conservation and recycling efforts.  The usage was projected through 2035.   The report was prepared in compliance with the California Urban Water Management Planning Act and submitted to the California Department of Water Resources.

Augustin Plains Ranch – Catron County, New Mexico
Hoff is developing preliminary reports for a potential water transfer project.  The proposed project will move up to 54,000 AF of water per year from Catron County to the Rio Grande and the Albuquerque area.  The approximately 140 mile pipeline would be built with private funds to facilitate the State’s water demands.