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RiverPark Master Planned Community

RiverPark Master Planned Community – Oxnard, California

Dax Hoff served as a Project Manager for this 700-acre mixed-use development located in Oxnard, California. The master plan project comprised 2,800 residential units and more than 2.4 million square feet of office/commercial space.

Designed as a compact, cohesive, complete mixed-use community, the project included five residential neighborhoods, office and retail centers, hotel/convention center, elementary and secondary schools, and playfields and parks.

Hoff provided engineering and construction support services for the infrastructure and grading of the community and amenities that are strategically linked by a project-wide system of open space, pedestrian, and vehicular circulation elements. His main responsibility was overseeing completion of precise grading plans for the first three tracts of the residential portion of the project. He was also responsible for several other subsidiary plans, including the welcome and sales centers, and site approvals from the City.

Dos Vientos

Dos Vientos, Miller Brothers Investments, LLC – Newbury Park, California

Dax Hoff served as Project Manager for this development of 2,346 homes, multiple parks, school, and commercial center. He prepared closeout documents for several tracts, full construction documents for two tracts, and extensive plan amendments to change the densities and development conditions for multiple parcels. He restored the schedule to the previously behind-schedule project.

CIC Oxnard

Channel Islands Center – Oxnard, California

Dax Hoff served as Project Manager for the development of a mixed-use project that will include three high-rise buildings, one that is proposed to be 550 feet tall. He is responsible for overseeing the preparation and design of tentative maps, construction documents, hydrology analyses, and permit approvals.